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With a dedicated team ready to assist you in selecting the ideal solution for any requirement, Cable Solutions offers unmatched convenience, reliability, speed and expertise in fulfilling your cabling needs

As the exclusive distributor for a number of cable manufacturers, Cable Solutions Worldwide offers a vast selection of both topside and subsea cables, tailored to diverse onshore and offshore applications.

Our inventory includes AmerCable Gexol Type P, BS6883 / BS7917, Data, Admiral Cables, Fibre Optic, NEK606 and Pre-Term Fibre Optic Assemblies, including a range of wire and cable-associated products sourced from our expansive stock base.

Efficient Delivery at Every Level

Cable Solutions Worldwide prioritise efficient and timely delivery at each stage.  Our comprehensive cable stock empowers us to swiftly cut cables to exact specifications and spool them for immediate dispatch to any corner of the globe.  Whether you require local, regional, national, or global delivery, our streamlined processes guarantee prompt and reliable service.

Cable Solutions offers the largest stock of NEK606 cables in the UK, ensuring unmatched availability for your cabling needs.

Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect cable solution for your project needs and ensuring prompt delivery to help you meet your deadlines efficiently.

Contact us and discover the convenience and efficiency of our extensive stock and speedy delivery options, tailored to optimise your project timelines. 

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cable stock

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