Your trusted partner for premium products tailored to the energy sector, including oil & gas, renewables, subsea, marine and shipbuilding industries.

Trusted globally for over 20 years, Cable Solutions Worldwide delivers unmatched product quality, safety and reliability for demanding environments.

Cable Solutions Worldwide offers a full range of cables including AmerCable Gexol Type P, Hybrid, BS6883 / BS7917 cables, Data, Fibre Optic, NEK606, Marine and our range of Admiral cables.

Our range of cables are designed and manufactured to meet the specialised needs of the oil & gas, renewables, subsea, marine and shipbuilding industries. 

With a focus on quality and reliability, our cables have been performing globally for many years, and continually undergo rigorous testing to ensure they excel in challenging environments. Certified for reliability and performance, our products are trusted for their durability and efficiency.

Specifically engineered for hazardous areas in the energy and commercial sectors, our products offer unmatched product integrity and safety features.

From land rigs to offshore drilling rigs and vessels, our top drive service loops provide robust connectivity solutions that excel under extreme conditions.

Additionally, our NOFIRNO Pipe & Cable Penetration System offers superior protection against fire and water ingress, ensuring the continuity of critical offshore operations.

Choose Cable Solutions Worldwide for high-quality product solutions that deliver unparalleled performance in the energy sector. 

Our proven track record in providing reliable cables, top drive service loops and cable sealing solutions for the oil & gas, subsea, renewables, marine, & shipbuilding industries sets us apart as a trusted partner. 

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