Net Zero

Join us on this journey towards net zero and together, let’s build a more sustainable future.

Cable Solutions Worldwide has committed to a Net Zero Strategy which details our phased plans to be net zero by 2030.

We want to make sure that our progress towards this target is just and fair and maximises the strategic growth benefits we’ll experience as a net zero company.

We are dedicated to embracing sustainable practices and making meaningful contributions towards a greener future.  Join us on this journey towards net zero and together, let’s build a more sustainable tomorrow.

To fulfil this commitment, we have developed a comprehensive four phase strategy. Here is an overview of our strategic approach.

Phase 1

In this initial phase, we developed our strategy document, calculated our company emissions, transitioned to only hybrid or electric cars as part of company fleet of cars, transitioned to 100% renewable energy across all branches​ and contracted a carbon neutral waste management partner. 

Phase 2

Moving on to the building optimisation stage, we aim to enhance energy efficiency through initiatives like deploying solar panels, heat pumps, and other energy-saving measures. We will also incorporate methods within our Supplier Review process to ensure suppliers are managing their own carbon reduction plans.

Phase 3

The subsequent phase involves optimising our vehicle fleet, emphasising behavioural changes towards sustainability, and exploring carbon offsetting options to further mitigate our environmental impact. 

Phase 4

In the final phase, we emphasise the significance of monitoring, measuring, and consistently improving our sustainable practices to ensure ongoing best practices and continual advancement towards our goal of achieving net zero emissions.

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