Amercable Gexol Type P Cables

Oil & Gas industry standard for premium power, control and instrumentation performance.

In the demanding world of offshore and onshore drilling and petroleum facilities, where rugged environments and extreme conditions are the norm, finding reliable and durable cables is crucial. This is where Amercable Gexol Type P Cables prove their worth, delivering superior performance in the face of formidable challenges.

Offshore applications present a myriad of obstacles, including intense heat, constant vibration, corrosive salt, drilling mud, and mechanical stress. The need for dependable cables that can withstand these harsh conditions is paramount, given the remote locations of these operations. Amercable Gexol Insulated Oil & Gas cables rise to the occasion, ensuring safe and reliable performance even in the most unforgiving environments.

Among the notable offerings from Cable Solutions Worldwide is the Gexol Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Cables. These cables are specifically designed for variable frequency AC motor drive applications, with a 2 kv rating that guarantees optimal performance. They are characterized by flexibility and provide complete coverage to contain VFD electromagnetic emissions, ensuring efficient operation.

Another standout product is the Gexol Crush and Impact Resistant (CIR) unarmored marine cables. These cables offer exceptional protection against mechanical damage, comparable to standard armored cables, but with the added benefit of reduced weight and quicker installation times. This translates to savings on both weight and installation costs, as less cable support is required, resulting in further weight efficiencies.

Amercable Gexol Type P Cables

Features & Benefits

Dynamic Application Design: Engineered for dynamic environments, ensuring reliable performance in the face of constant movement and stress.

Optimum Performance in Variable Frequency: Designed for variable frequency applications, delivering efficient performance in AC motor drive systems.

Versatile Applications: Suitable for power, control, instrumentation, and VFD needs, offering versatility for various operational requirements.

Crush and Impact Resistance: Provides durability against mechanical damage, ensuring longevity in harsh offshore conditions.

Efficient Weight and Installation: Offers savings on weight and installation times compared to traditional alternatives, enhancing operational efficiency.

Flexible High-Voltage Options: Range of high-voltage solutions available, from 5 to 30kV, with quick availability and minimal order quantities.


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