NEK 606 Cables

Peace of mind knowing that your systems are supported by industry-leading products that prioritise safety, reliability and performance.

Cable Solutions Worldwide offer a comprehensive range of NEK 606 standard cables to meet the diverse needs of our customers in the offshore oil & gas, subsea, renewables and marine & shipbuilding industries. Our cables are designed to the highest standards, ensuring superior performance and reliability in demanding offshore environments.

NEK 606 cables are known for their exceptional quality and durability, making them the ideal choice for power, control, instrumentation and signaling applications.  Cable Solutions Worldwide stock a full range of NEK 606 specified cables at its Inverurie, Aberdeen facility, including low smoke zero halogen and mud resistant cables, meeting the strict requirements of the NEK 606 series standards.

Full Range of NEK 606 – RFOU / BFOU Marine & Offshore Cable (Largest stockist in the UK) c/w Class 5 Flexible Conductors (Power, Control & Instrumentation).

Our stock profile includes marine & offshore power, control and instrument cables from 1 Core through to 37 Core and from 1.5mm² up to 300mm² as well as instrumentation cables from 1 Pair through to 24 Pair and from 0.75mm² up to 2.5mm². 

NEK 606 Cable Stock Profile

• RFOU (I) S1/S5 – Instrument Cable

• RFOU (C) S2/S6 – Instrument Cable

• RFOU P1/P8 – Power and Control Cable

• BFOU (I) S3/S7 – Instrument Cable

• BFOU (C) S4/S8 – Instrument Cable

• BFOU P5/P12 – Power and Control Cable

• UX P15 – Earth Cable

• RU – Unarmoured Power, Control & Instrument Cables to NEK 606

• BU – Unarmoured Power, Control & Instrument Cables to NEK 606

Safety and Efficiency of Critical Systems

Cable Solutions Worldwide understands the importance of high-quality cables in ensuring the safety and efficiency of critical systems in the offshore and marine industries.

With NEK 606 specified cables, you can trust that your systems are equipped with reliable and durable components that prioritise safety and operational effectiveness. Our cables are designed to withstand harsh environments, ensuring uninterrupted communications, emergency responses and control functions when they are needed most. 

NEK 606 cable
NEK 606 cable



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