QFCI - QFCU Fibre Optic Cables

In a world where data transmission speed and reliability are paramount, the use of fibre optic cables has revolutionised the way we communicate. 

Cable Solutions Worldwide is at the forefront of cutting-edge fibre optic and data cables that cater to the demanding needs of various industries, including oil & gas, subsea, marine & shipbuilding and renewable energy.

Fibre optic cables are essential for transmitting data over long distances and in challenging environments, such as subsea installations and remote offshore locations. Unlike traditional electrical cables, fibre optic cables utilise light to transmit signals, offering unparalleled speed and immunity to electrical interference. This makes them ideal for high-speed communication applications where data integrity is crucial.

Cable Solutions has successfully undertaken a wide array of projects that highlight the versatility and reliability of fibre optic cables. From enabling offshore communications between oil platforms and subsea installations to transmitting scientific data from remote areas worldwide, their bespoke cable designs have consistently delivered superior results. By closely collaborating with customers and understanding the unique requirements of each application, Cable Solutions ensures that their fibre optic cables are optimised for factors such as temperature, pressure, strength, depth, and other critical criteria.

The Fire Resistant QFCI – QFCU fibre optic cables are characterised by a Low Smoke and Halogen Free outer sheath, making them ideal for critical applications such as PA/GA System, DP System, ESD System, Security System, and PLC Control System. Furthermore, these cables are approved by DNV-GL and ABS, ensuring both quality and safety in their performance.

QFCI - QFCU Offshore & Marine Rated Fibre Optic Cables

Cable Solutions Worldwide offers a diverse selection of QFCI – QFCU Offshore & Marine Rated Fibre Optic Cables that are manufactured to NEK 606 standards and hold approvals from both DNV and ABS.

Applicable Standards include:

• QFCI type: LSZH – SHF1 (M1) compound

• QFCU type: oil and mud resistant LSZH – SHF2 (M1) compound

• Optical fibre characteristics IEC 60793-1

• Optical fibre cable characteristics IEC 60793-1

• Fire Resistant IEC 60331-25 EN 50200 PH30/PH120

• Fire retardant IEC 60332-3 EN 60332-3

• Flame retardant IEC 60332-1-2 EN 60332-1-2

• Acid gas emission: EN 60754-1 / IEC 60754-1 EN 60754-2 / IEC 60754-12

• Smoke density IEC 61034-2 EN 50268-2

• Cables for offshore installation NEK 606

QFCI - QFCU Cable Applications

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The QFCI and QFCU cables exhibit versatile application possibilities across various industries. These cables are specially designed to cater to safety systems, critical connections, and fire-fighting systems where reliability and performance are paramount. Their robust construction and durability make them an ideal choice for outdoor installations in off-shore, oil & gas, and marine environments, where they can withstand harsh weather conditions and challenging operational settings. Moreover, the QFCI and QFCU cables are well-suited for data transmission and telecommunication systems, providing efficient connectivity and high-speed data transfer capabilities to support communication needs across different sectors. With their adaptability and resilience, these cables play a significant role in ensuring seamless operations and dependable performance in critical applications requiring stable and secure connections.

• Safety Systems, Critical Connections and Fire Fighting Systems

• Outdoor installation in Off-shore, Oil & Gas and Marine applications

• Data transmission and telecommunication systems



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